My name is Anže Peharc. I was born on 29.7.1997 in Slovenia. I come from a family in which sport represents significant part of my life. I’ve been climbing since 2006 and therefore I have a more than 10 years of climbing experiences. I am also a member of slovenia national team, which alows me to train with the best and compete with the best. My ultimate goal is to stand on the highest podium stair and everything I do is somehow helpful to achieve that goal. I am really hard working and determined athlete and I know that one day everything will pay off. I am mainly focusing on bouldering, but with Olympics closing in fast I will put more focus on lead and speed in the upcoming years.




WC Chongqing – 3rd place(boulder)

WC Moscow – 4th place(boulder)

WC Munich – 5th place(boulder)

Studio bloc Master – 1st place(boulder)

Triglav The Rock Ljubljana – 3rd place(boulder)


ECH Munich – 3rd place(boulder)

WC Munich – 8th place(boulder)

WC Meiringen – 31st place(boulder)

Tout a blocs L’argentière la Bessée  – 1st place (boulder)

WC Mumbai – 15th place (boulder)

BBC(British Bouldering Championship) – 2nd place


WC Munich – 31st place (boulder)

Adidas Rockstars – 21st place

EYCH Längenfeld – 6th place(boulder)


WYCH Arco – 3rd place ( boulder) and 6th place (lead)

EYCH L’argentière la Bessée  1st place (boulder)


WYCH Arco – 3rd place (boulder)


EYCH Grindelwald – 2nd place (boulder) 


WYCH Singapur – 1st place (lead)

EYC EDINBURG –  1st place (lead)

EYC VOIRON –  2nd place (lead)

EYC LINZ –  2nd place  (lead)

EYC L’argentière la Bessée  – 2nd place  (boulder)

EYC KRANJ –  3rd place (lead)


Power of Goodbye 8b

Disneyland production 8b

Wrestling with an Aligator 8b

Unendliche Geschichte part 1 8a+

Jack’s broken heart 8a+

Petting with an Aligator 8a+

Pluto auf def jagd 8a+

Emotional Landscapes(stand) 8a+

Agoge 8a+

Unterland 8a

Orgasmatron 8a

Sofa surfer 8a