British vibes

Exams are finished and everything is ready for my first trip of the year. For the third year in a row I am going to Sheffield to train for the upcoming world cup season and have a short break from my ordinary routine.

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First of all for all of you readers that don’t know much about sport climbing. Sport climbing was just recently selected to be a sport taking part at the olympic games. Its debut is taking place in Tokyo 2020. This is my take on the olympics 2020.

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2018 Season Recap

“Deep exhale”… 2018 was once again an action-packed season full of new experiences and events. It’s always a funny thing, when you look back on what had happened in the past year. It makes you see things from a different angle.
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Innsbruck drama/ Adidas Rockstars rocking


Like I said after finishing 21stin Munich. “All I can do is move on and do my best in Innsbruck!”

This is sadly not one of those “happy-ending” stories. Anyway back to when it all started.

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It had to happen one day…

So we are back after quite some time since last world cup in Vail. While some just continued with the world cups in lead, majority of us had a few weeks of time to correct the past mistakes, get stronger and ready for the final battle of the season – Munich world cup. Munich has been one of my the favorite venues, especially since last year, where I was 3rd place on European Championships.

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Trip to UK

A blog post about my trip to Sheffield at the start of the year. It was all about having fun meeting friends and training hard. Definitely something I want to do each year! Read more ›

It happened again!

Boulder world cup in Vail didn’t end the way I wanted but as always there is room for improvement. With boulder world cups over for a while I was facing an important decision whether to compete in any of the lead world cups or not. While I was mostly putting focus on boulder training I wasn’t really sure if I’ll be able to get the endurance fast enough for the lead world cups. It never hurts to try, isn’t that how they say :)? That’s exactly what I did and it turned out that I would need a bit more time in order to get proper endurance. It’s back to bouldering I guess. Few weeks of strength and power trainings and it was time to take some time off in order to recover from the past part of the season.  Read more ›

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China Trip

After missing 2nd stage of the world cup in Moscow, I’m glad I returned back to world cup circuit. Due to my performance in Meiringen(Switzerland) I was able to secure a spot in the team for this years China bouldering world cup circuit. Our team consisted of 4 competitors, coach and physiotherapist. We hit the road on 2nd of June. There was a long way a head of us, as we were facing around 30 hours of traveling. When it comes to competing in distant countries, performing well isn’t always about being the strongest out there, but also being able to adapt to jet lag in time for the competition. Anyway I was ready to overcome the jet lag and enjoy China as much as possible.

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