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Triglav The Rock Ljubljana 2019

With bouldering world cups finished for me it was time to focus on lead and speed training. But it’s always time for a nice master competition like Triglav The Rock!

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BWC Munich 2019

Announcement This time this is not the usual introduction where I tell something about the competition. In the future my blog posts will be shorter and I will focus only on the important details. Hopefully that will make it easier

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BWC Wujiang 2019

After finishing with competition in Chongqing there wasn’t long till I had the chance to show my best one more time here in China. In between both competitions there is a week. Just enough time to recover from previous competition

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BWC Chongqing 2019

It’s that time of the year again. Time to fly to China for two weeks and compete in two bouldering world cups. Traditionally the first one takes place in Chongqing.

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